Nail Trends


Over the past few years I've become obsessed with my nails. I used to be the girl who would paint them every few weeks and just have a terrible chipped situation that I was embarrassed to show. Now, thanks mostly to Kylie Jenner, I'm so particular about my nail shape, size and color.

A lot of people ask me about the shape that I get for my nails. I always ask for "almond" but not too pointy. I like to have nails that are a little bit longer because I have #manhands, so let's be real, any length helps! For some reason this makes me think of the scene from The Bachelor when Olivia is complaining about her ankles - haha.


#shoplocal - I go to Soho Nails in Utica to get my nails done. I always do gel dips with a tip. I love a good nude nail so you can pretty much always find me sporting #10. Although, of course, not pictured below haha.

IMG_8124 (hey snapchat, haha}

 I love gel dips because they make my nails so much stronger, but unfortunately, you can't get very creative with them. I'm so often inspired by fun designs that I see on Pinterest and on Hannah Bronfman's Instagram, so if you don't get gel dips, here are some of my favorites!

2 Image via: Hannah Bronfman's Instagram

011916-nail-art-3 Image via: InStyle

010416_ManiMonday1 Image via: Lulu's

3 Image via: Hannah Bronfman's Instagram

I hope you enjoy! :)