PSA: Wearing Backless Dresses


With the first day of summer less than a month away, I'm here with a PSA (Public Service Announcement for those keeping track at home) for girls who have a... chest and want to wear backless dresses this summer. I've previously written about duct tape - and when I saw Kim Kardashian say she uses duct tape too I almost died! Could we be on to something here? Duct tape is a seriously awesome, cheap and handy tool - but not all dresses have a thick enough front strap to be able to bring the tape up to shoulder level for perfect placement. I've tried a few things here and there but just wasn't loving anything. Sure, going bra-less is always the cheapest option but sometimes it's just not practical and let's be real, it doesn't always look the best.


As most girls do, I was laying in bed and on Instagram - probably before falling asleep at night or before getting out of bed in the am - and I saw a post that Olivia Munn had shared about the NuBra. I'm always pretty skeptical of celebrities posting about products because well, come to find out - they never use them. Thanks Kardashians. But Olivia Munn posted a before and after picture - one with the NuBra on and one with it off and said in the post she was just helping girls out, sharing a beauty tip someone had shared with her and that she wasn't getting paid for this at all. Amazing! I obviously had to buy a NuBra, mostly because Olivia Munn told me too, but also because I was curious.

Photo via Olivia Munn's Instagram

A NuBra is one of those sticky front bras that you never think will actually work. It comes with two separate pieces and a hook on each to hold them together. When I first put this thing on I laughed so hard and thought for sure Olivia Munn had steered me wrong. It looked ridiculous. I didn't even bother putting clothes on over top and immediately took it off. But then as my trip to Florida was approaching, I decided to do a YouTube search to see if maybe I was missing something - I for sure was. This bra isn't meant to give you support from underneath - so don't try to make it do that. It's meant to cover and secure your chest to keep everything in place and give a little cleavage too.

First things first, I apologize about my manicure and for the mirror pictures. Desperate times call for mirror selfies when no one else is around to get the shot haha.

You can see here in the before and after - not sure why I'm tanner in one than the other, I took both of these last night haha. But on the left, my chest looks lower and wider. On the right, with the NuBra, my chest looks more centered and higher which actually makes me looks smaller overall. Also, not wearing a bra creates side boob and doesn't make my chest look as high and/or in place as I'd like it too. By placing the NuBra on, it puts my chest in a good place and I feel secure. I don't have to try to move my dress around all night to make sure I'm covered in all places. I've worn this bra during summer days in Florida, nights out with dancing and every where in between. I've never had a problem with it coming loose or slipping out of place.

I have fallen so in love with this darn bra that I basically had to share. I have worn the nude bra so many times and ended up ordering the black one as well.

To keep the bra in as good of condition as possible, make sure you keep the plastic container it comes in. As soon as I take the bra off, I immediately put it back inside the container. If you leave the sticky part exposed to air for too long it will lose it's effectiveness for sure. I wore this bra in DC for my sister's bachelorette and everyone had lots of questions - once we got over the "how are you a size D and wearing a backless jumpsuit?" it quickly turned into "how many wears can you get out of this thing?" I've read that you can wear the NuBra 30-50 times before replacing it. So far, I haven't had any issues but good storage is key!

I order a size D from Amazon!