Work Wear


Getting ready in the AM for work is probably one of the biggest struggles of life. First, I should mention that I'm totally a morning person and even I struggle. I'm the "let's go to bed at 8pm so we can wake up at 6am" girl. Luckily my sister and I have this in common - but no one else haha. I've learned to travel with headphones at all times so that I can occupy myself and not wake everyone else up. But, I digress. Back to AM talk.

As much of a morning person as I am, when I'm getting ready for work I always want to put something on that's easy and comfortable. To be honest, I normally wear flats to work and pack heels in a bag to put on later if I feel like it. My office is super lax about the dress code - which is awesome - but I'm not always feeling 100% creative in the mornings. For me, it's easiest to have quick "one-and-done" pieces that I can throw on and go - and for me dresses are the easiest thing to put on!

ASTR dress / Payless wedges / Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)

Comfortable dresses are also super clutch for going from the office to after work activities! See other work dresses for less than $100 that I'm loving below!


About these wedges - these are a knockoff to the Chloe ones that came out this year. Mine are Payless which were $18 -  much better deal since the Chloe ones are $625!

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