Summer Lipsticks


TGIF! I'm so happy the weekend is here! I'll be spending most of mine celebrating one of my friends getting married! Actually, to be fair, she is my sister's friend, but one of the many joys of having a sister is that we can all pull from the same friend pool. Some of my sister's best friends are my best friends and vice versa. It's going to be a great weekend!

I've come a long way with makeup. I used to wear just the basics, which to me meant bronzer and mascara. I never wore eye shadow or lipstick because I was afraid that it would be too much - and let's be real - we didn't have YouTube back then so I didn't really know how to do it. As I've gotten older, and more comfortable in my own skin, I love to experiment with different looks. But there are a few lip colors that are tried and true that I wanted to share with you!

I pretty much stick to 2 colors for my comfort zone - red and nudes. I have a TON of shades of each and they range in all different prices. I do have this pink shade that I'm loving for summer so I wanted to share that one too!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.02.22 AM


Hands down one of my favorite summer shades is this one that I picked up from Smashbox - Be Legendary. I typically pair it with a NYX lip liner - Hot Red.


Marc Jacobs Amazing / NYX Lip Liner Plush Red

I love this shade because I wear it all 4 seasons. It's a tad dark for summer, but perfect against tan skin for a summer night!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.24.32 AM


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip - Cluless / Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick - KoKo K / Kylie Lip Liner - KoKo K (comes with lipstick purchase) Similar NYX Lip Liner - Nude Pink

I know I've talked about the Kylie Lip Kit on Instagram - and I absolutely love it. But I understand how randomly lucky I was to get one, so I wanted to share an alternative. I can't lie that I find the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip to be SO similar to the Kylie Lip Kits - and they are a fraction of the price (others agree!). If you like the shades of the Lip Kits, definitely check out the options that ColourPop has because so many of them are similar! P.S. ColourPop eye shadows are amazing too!


MAC Satin Lipstick - Faux / MAC Lip Pencil - Ms. Diva

Another favorite that you can wear ALL year round! It looks a little darker in the picture than it actually is.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.27.51 AM


Wet n Wild Lipstick - Bare-ly Legal / MAC Lip Pencil - Ms. Diva

The  best $2.99 I've ever spent? Yes. Love this shade!


NYX Mat Lipstick - Street Cred / NYX Lip Liner - Fuschia

My summer wildcard shade! Step out of your comfort zone and try this fun shade!

If I missed any of your favorites, share them in a comment below! Have a great weekend!