$5 Bobby Pin & Hair Tie Storage Solution


I had such a great weekend! I love getting celebrate weddings with friends - and this one was just so beautiful!

For some reason when I came back from being away this weekend, my bobby pins and hair ties were just driving me nuts. I had no where to store them and just felt like they were creating a jumbled mess. Of course, this problem has been plaguing all of us for years. I decided to take matters into my own hands this weekend and made these little storage containers. Now my bobby pins and hair ties are organized - and I can also find one when I need one!


Materials: -4-5 votives ($.77 each for small, $.99 each for large) -gold puff paint  ($.97) -1 million (haha) bobby pins & hair ties

It took me about 10 minutes to add little gold polka dots with puff paint to each of the votives. I did them one at a time and just made sure to be careful with hand placement when rotating . I chose to use puff paint on this project just to make it as easy as possible. Any kind of paint would probably work with a paint brush to apply the dots!

IMG_5518 IMG_5516



Once I was done, I left them to dry in a well ventilated area overnight before adding bobby pins and hair ties to them. Here is the finished look!

IMG_5503 IMG_5510

Overall, this project was so easy to do, but had the exact result I was hoping for! I hope this helps keep your bathroom/makeup area more organized like it has mine!