Favorite Lace-Ups


One trend that I'm love, love, loving this season is the lace up trend. Admittedly, it can be a little tricky with a chest (I'm a 34D) but I love a good trial and error so I've grow to just love this look! I recently purchased this one on major sale (less than $50) - but I also rounded up a few more of my favorites below!

white romper

Topshop romper / Payless wedge

I really love how the lace up trend is sexy without being too over the top. I don't want my chest to be in someone's face, but I do like to be able to play around with different styles and don't want my chest size to hold me back. With lace up tops, you can control the amount you show. I typically keep mine pretty laced up - or will use the bow to cover any revealing spots.

Shop my favorites below: