DIY Spray Paint Projects


As the 4th of July weekend comes to a close, I'm feeling so grateful for so many things! Mostly family and friends - and all of those who sacrificed to give us this beautiful life that we live in this country. I had a wonderful, but crazy busy, weekend! I'll be sharing more details of the weekend on the blog tomorrow, including specifics on a few looks that I shared on Instagram from Rent the Runway!

Moving into my own apartment has really helped me to fall in love with DIY projects. Of course, I've always been an avid Pinterest(-er?), but I never really did any of the projects. Now that I have a space that's my own, I'm always looking for new ways to update! My mom loves to help with this so a big part of this blog includes her. I've learned how much you can make something be your own unique, stand out piece, with just a bottle of spray paint. I've been loving this one from Target ($7.99):


I used it to update the beautiful mirror in my bedroom (mentioned previously) and have used it on a few projects over the past few weeks as well!

During my house warming party I realized that I could definitely use a little more seating in my apartment. I don't really have room to put extra chairs in my living room, so my mom suggested stools that I could stack or keep in a corner and just pull them out when I need them. I started looking online but could not find gold stools in my budget. My mom found these at TJ Maxx - $39 each - and Luke spray painted them for me while I was at work! He did two coats on these.



I have been looking for decorations to put on top of my favorite glass dresser in my living room. Side note: sometimes in an apartment, you have to get creative! I use this dresser for all of my t-shirts, comfy shorts, gym clothes, etc. It's decorative and serves a purpose! But I digress, I knew the look I was hoping for - some fashion books, a lamp, etc. I already had a few fashion books but I added a few more to the stack. I added a decorative gold ball as well which was a gift from my best friend. I started looking around for a lamp - but holy moly who knew how expensive lamps were!? I couldn't believe it! I found this lamp in my parents garage, it used to be my brothers but he wasn't using it anymore. The stand was silver and it came with a gray shade. I spray painted the base gold today and switched the shade to a white one that I found at Home Goods! Voila! It's now the perfect final touch for the top of this dresser, I just love the way it came out!



Last but not least, I bought this wine rack a few years ago at Rustic Ridge Winery. I love the idea of a cork holder, but the coloring just wasn't really my taste. I found it in my parents garage (it's like a treasure chest in there!) and decided to spray paint it as well! I don't have a before picture, but I found a similar one online. I love the way this came out, now I just need to have a few bottles to fill her up. ;)



I typically recommend doing a coat, letting it dry completely and then adding a second coat. It's easiest to do spray painting outside and even letting your item dry outside, if you can. Be sure to spray paint on the grass or on a part of your driveway that you don't care about. Once the spray paint gets on something, it's pretty hard to get it off! Make sure it's completely dry before touching.

The moral of the story is if you find something you love - go for it! Even if it isn't exactly the right color or shade, you can easily make it your own!