Second Wedding of the Season


Another wedding down! I am sad to be just about 1/2 way done with weddings this year, I absolutely love them!

This weekend I attended the wedding of my friend, Linsey, the owner of Linsey Layne Boutique. She married a great guy, hey Mike (haha) and just like Linsey's style, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. Linsey and Mike have one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen. I always tell her "if we had the Real Housewives around here they'd be calling you!!" because it reminds me of a house from one of the shows. My favorite thing about their house is that, even though it is a big home, it doesn't feel big. Linsey is an amazing decorator and makes the space feel so cozy. I love just hanging out with a glass of red wine and feeling right at home. Linsey and I might have different decor choices, but every time I walk into her home, I want everything she has - now THAT'S great design work!

Linsey and Mike had their wedding at their home and it's amazing how cozy it felt but you didn't even notice we were inside their home at all. I don't know if I can quite explain it, but it was just so beautiful.


I ended up not renting (like I've been doing so much this summer) and wore something that I bought from H&M. When I found this jumpsuit, I just fell in love -and the price tag didn't hurt too bad! I don't know if I've ever worn anything other than a dress to a wedding, but I'm so glad I gave this a chance. I was comfortable all night and felt like it gave me a really different vibe compared to other wedding looks I'm planning this summer.

Unfortunately this jumpsuit isn't on H&M's website, but I did round up a few of my favorites below!