Kylie Lipkits vs. ColourPop


If you’ve spent any time on Instagram lately or follow any of the Kardashians on Snapchat, then you’ve probably seen Kylie LipKits popping up all over. This highly coveted product comes in a kit with a liner and a lipgloss. Even though Kylie has openly talked about getting lip injections, we all hope to achieve her killer lip status by purchasing a kit. Or at least, that’s why I buy.

I have picked up a few of the Kylie LipKits and their quality is amazing. They last for hours on end. I highly recommend these to anyone! But let’s be real, they aren’t cheap and they can be very hard to get. I wasn’t able to get one for the first few releases, so I “settled on” ordering ColourPop lip glosses instead. I use quotations because there really isn’t a difference in the product of the gloss itself. Continue reading to learn more!

I recently ordered the Kristen LipKit which was a new summer release. I wasn’t able to get it on the first round when it was released, so I ordered the ColourPop Bumble in the meantime ($6) to hold me over. I had heard that they were similar - and now that I own both I can say they are super similar!  There are very subtle differences on the color swatch between the two, but once applied, they look even more similar on me.


Here are some pros and cons between Kylie LipKits and ColourPop glosses if you’re still decision between the two!

Kylie Pros:

-Lip liner included -Beautiful packaging -Shades are very well known

Kylie Cons:

-Expensive -Not always in-stock

ColourPop Pros:

-Much less expensive (about $30 less than Kylie LipKits once you include shipping) -Wide variety of colors to choose from -Regularly in-stock

ColourPop Cons:

-Lip liners not included/not available in every shade

I truly believe that both products apply on the lips 100% similar, if you are able to find a ColourPop lip liner in the same shade. I do think the lip liner makes all the difference in terms of how long it will last and making your lips look fuller.

I don’t think you can go wrong either way - and of course I won’t judge you for continuing to order the Kylie Lipkits (Lord knows I still do)! But your bank accounts may thank me!