My Review of LipSense


I've been seeing posts about LipSense all over Facebook, it's a lip product that apparently stays on your lips for 12 hours without re-application. The more posts I saw I was definitely more intrigued.

You know I'm in love with the Kylie Lipkits, but I know that they can also be very tough to get your hands on them. When I tried Kylie Lipkits it was my first experience with quality lip products that didn't come off after an hour or two - or the dreaded, end up on my chin! I mean, how is that even possible? But without fail, all over my chin. I've learned to stop wasting money on cheaper lip products because $5, $10, $15, $20 adds up quickly and it's just not worth it to me.

When my childhood bestie told me she was selling LipSense and told me it was $55 for the starter kit, I will admit that I was initially turned away. I've never spent that much on lip products and to be honest, yes, that is a lot of money to me. I didn't order right away but I kept seeing more and more posts on Facebook so I finally caved and order the Mulled Wine as my first starter shade. I wore the color to dinner Friday night and couldn't wait to show everyone my results.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

To give you a little bit of back story, when you order the starter kit with LipSense, it comes with three products in a bag. (1) color, (1) oops remover and (1) gloss (clear). The application process is pretty specific, so here is a video to show you more:

Once you have the color on, you're pretty much good for the day. You can continue to apply the gloss to give it the fresh shine - and they have matte glosses available as well!

I really wanted to put the product to test, so I wore it for a full day of errands and a night out on Saturday!

So here is a timelines of my day:

11:33am Initial application. And apparently my first selfie in 27 years? What is this??



Lunch time before heading to the mall! Pizza normally would be a food to give me the dreaded chin-lipstick smudge. Smudge free here!



Doing some shopping! Not the best lipstick shot, but you get the idea! Still going strong.



At this point, I had been to a bunch of stores and had pulled a ton of articles of clothing over my head. This normally would mean my lipstick is pretty much gone by this point because of so much fabric wiping against it. You can see here that although the glossy has faded so it isn't as shiny, the color is still very much in tact.



Returning home from the mall. I re-applied the clear gloss before this photo, but no other touch ups were made!



Out to dinner with my girlfriend! Lipstick is still in PERFECT shape!


I honestly can't believe how well this lipstick stood up to the test! A full day of wear and it lasted the entire time. I can honestly say this is 100% a first for me!

I know the initial $55 price tag can seem a little steep up front, but once you purchase that additional colors are only $20. But if you think about it, since you don't have to re-apply the color several times per day, the colors themselves will last you a SUPER long time.

I hope this helps answer questions that you may have about LipSense! I purchased the product on my own and did this review on my own. I still love my Kyle Lipkits, but LipSense honestly gives them a crazy run for their money and there are a lot more color options!

If you're interested in ordering, check out this Facebook group!