Week 1: Basement Remodel

When Luke and I moved into our house, almost a year ago to the day, one of the things we loved was there was a huge basement with tall ceilings. At the time of move in, the basement was already framed out and had insulation, but there was no sheet rock to make the space usable.

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Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Love

You might think it’s impossible, in fact, you might even be rolling your eyes at me right now… but it IS achievable! I know every bride does set out to achieve something amazing, but it’s tough. You’re trying to find something that looks good on everyone, doesn’t cost a fortune and will compliment your dress/wedding décor.

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How to Plan A Bachelorette Party for 21 Girls

**The following is a guest post by my sister, and bachelorette party planner extraordinaire, Pietra! Please enjoy!

In December 2016, my sister Francesca got engaged to an amazing guy; and she got started with her wedding plans right away. In fact, just a few weeks after her engagement, she already had her dress and a wedding date selected!

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